Write for Us: Submit Your Home Improvement Guest Post

Do you love to create beautiful living spaces? Do you know how to teach others about it? Next, we want you on the writing team for the ClassyLivings home improvement section!

At ClassyLivings, we strive to provide readers with top-quality DIY tips and tricks, how-to guides for designing their ideal living space, advice on furniture selection and home decor, gardening hacks, delicious dishes, and travel tips. We welcome any topic pertaining to home improvement!

Here’s Why You Should Write For Us

Here are a few reasons why sharing your knowledge about home improvement on ClassyLivings is beneficial:

  • A wide audience: Every day, there are millions of people online who search for tips and ideas in the home improvement niche. By writing articles here, you can present what has worked well or not worked so well for others, like yourself before them, while they eagerly await any new insights that might come their way from your unique perspective.
  • Establish yourself as an expert: As a thought leader in this field, guest blogging helps build credibility since many potential readers who may become clients respect these types of publications highly enough that if one were published online with us, surely it must be good! 🙂
  • Drive traffic to your blog or website: Feel free to include a link to your own website or blog in the author bio. This enables targeted traffic from our readership base, which greatly grows one’s audience over time through continuous exposure opportunities like those provided here.
  • Improved SEO ranking results: Proper execution of guest posts can indirectly enhance search engine optimisation efforts through direct backlinks from other trustworthy sites, thereby providing sufficient relevancy signals that lead to the content’s higher ranking on Google search listings pages (SERPs), which is an additional benefit.

What we’re looking for

Guest bloggers should be able to write unique articles that provide value to our readers. Here are some guidelines we consider when reviewing submissions:

  • Unique and relevant content: The best content is fresh and hasn’t been posted anywhere else before. Do thorough research on any given topic, then craft well-written pieces based on the findings gathered during such investigations—we cannot emphasise this step enough!
  • Expertise: We’re ideally looking for writers with a background or extensive experience in interior design, DIY projects, and home improvement. Don’t just tell us what you know; show your passion by writing about it.
  • Target audience: Our readers enjoy reading articles related to interior design ideas as well as those about gardening tips, among other topics such as furniture repair, etcetera, so keep these varying interests in mind when coming up with guest post proposals here.
  • Content Quality: All posts should be free of grammar or spelling errors, and they should also be easily comprehensible to those without prior knowledge of the discussed subject matter. Additionally, please ensure articles are at least 800 words long and incorporate good-quality images wherever applicable.
  • SEO-friendly posts: Although not mandatory, they can boost the chances of acceptance through search engine optimisation. Incorporating relevant keywords naturally into body text alongside meta tags would greatly improve visibility within SERP rankings, thus driving more traffic to one’s site and eventually leading to higher conversion rates overall.

Write about fashion and lifestyle for us.

Are you someone who has a passion for fashion? Do you have a unique sense of style? Then write for us! Become the trendsetter by sharing with us your fashion tips, styling advice, and latest trends. Let creativity flow through your veins while captivating readers with every word about what they wear or how they look.

Fashion Write for Us: Share articles about fashion trends; give runway reports; offer styling tips; or tell personal stories related to clothes and accessories, etcetera.

Lifestyle Write for Us: Share self-care practices—mindfulness exercises or even productivity hacks—that have worked wonders for you when it comes to achieving work-life balance.

Food Write for Us: Satisfy Your Taste Buds

Food not only nourishes our bodies but also brings people together, creating memories that last forever. If cooking is your passion, then tantalise your taste buds in our food section, using words as your weapon. Among other things related to gastronomy, talk about different cuisines, share recipes from around the world, and discuss restaurants with mouth-watering dishes!

Food Write for Us: Publish articles exploring various culinary delights, such as recipes, cooking tips, and so on. Home Decor: Create a Space That Inspires.

Travel Write for us

Do your wanderlust-filled adventures overflow with captivating stories? Do you have a way with words that transports readers across the world and back again? If so, then we’d like you to write about travel! Transform your passion for discovery into captivating narratives that will compel readers to immediately pack their bags. Join this vibrant community where everyone’s voice matters most. It’s not every day somebody can say, “I told my story,” but here we encourage all perspectives, big or small, because together they paint a picture richer than any one person could ever do alone. Whether you’ve been away from home for weeks or have spent years abroad, allow others to experience these memories through your eyes! Come join us today!

Write for us Home Decor and Home Improvement

Home improvement is more than just decorating; it’s about creating functional areas that improve our everyday lives. If you know anything about renovation work, DIY projects, or even maintaining homes in general, please share it with us in our Home Improvement category. Motivate readers to convert their houses into homes.

Write for us Home Decor: Share tips on home decor, DIY projects, room makeovers, and the latest trends in interior design.

Write for us Home Improvement: Submit articles about DIY projects, energy efficiency solutions, sustainable living practices, home remodelling tips, etcetera.

Tech Write For Us

Are you fascinated by technology? Do you want to help others understand the complexities better? Then Tech Write For Us can be a great opportunity for you! We want you to be excited about gadgets or apps—anything tech-related, really—but written in such a way that everyone will get it, regardless of their background knowledge about these things.

Consider writing about the latest and most innovative devices available, their potential benefits, practical advice for utilising various forms of technology, and the potential future directions of innovation. Writing here means connecting with other people who love all things technological as much as we do, while at the same time guiding them through this fast-paced world we find ourselves living in, where every moment brings new changes within one industry alone, let alone across others!

How to Submit Your Guest Post

To have their work published on ClassyLivings, interested contributors should follow these steps:

Find a topic. Look through some of the articles already published on this site, then go ahead and choose one that ignites that special spark within you. Don’t forget, it must somehow relate to home improvements. Be on the lookout for topics we haven’t yet addressed, and strive to choose something unique whenever you can!

Create content accordingly. After settling upon what exactly needs writing about next, brainstorm various points surrounding said issue before delving deeper into each area later during the drafting process itself.

To submit your article, please fill the form below along with a short bio about yourself and any relevant links to your website or social media profiles.

We can’t wait to read what you’ve written!

Further tips

In addition to the previously mentioned points, keep the following in mind when composing content for our audience:

  • Use a conversational tone: It should be like having a conversation with a friend. Avoid using too much technical language or complicated sentences.
  • Sprinkle images and videos throughout the post: This will help break up the text and make it more visually appealing.
  • Promote your article: Once published, post on author’s account, social media channels and other websites.

By taking these extra steps into account, you’ll greatly increase your chances of getting your guest post accepted by ClassyLivings. We’re looking forward to collaborating with you!

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Guest Post: Collaborate and Share

In addition to the aforementioned topics, we welcome guest posts on a wide range of subjects. If you have an intriguing idea or expertise in a field not covered by our main sections, reach out to us with your proposal. We believe in the power of collaboration and are excited to feature guest contributions from talented individuals like you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I submit my articles to your platform?

Our submission process is very straightforward. Just head over to our website and click on “Write for Us” in the navigation menu. There will be detailed instructions on how to format and send us your work. We can’t wait to read what you come up with!

What are the word count requirements for these pieces?

We prefer that articles be as comprehensive as possible; however, we also believe strongly in quality over quantity. Aim for somewhere between 800 and 5000 words, ensuring that each one counts towards providing valuable insights while engaging our audience at large.

Absolutely! Feel free to include any relevant external links that add value or credibility; just please refrain from using promotional or spammy sites as destinations.

How long does it typically take to hear back about the acceptance or rejection of an article?

We pride ourselves on being efficient when it comes time for evaluation phase completion. Normally, within two weeks after the submission date has passed, most authors should expect some form of feedback from editorial staff members who have read through their work, whether that be an acceptance letter or constructive criticism.

So, what’s stopping you? Join our community of passionate writers today and share your knowledge with the world. Write for us now and start an exciting journey into creativity, learning, and growth!

Remember: Every word can change someone’s life forever. Speak up!